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Jo Dunne and Fuzzbox

Jo Dunne, aka Jo Fuzzbox, was a founding member of the all Birmingham girl band "We've Got a Fuzzbox and We're Gonna Use it!!", or simply "Fuzzbox" for short.

They were one of the most popular bands of the mid 1980's.

Hailing originally from Solihull, Jo attended King Edward VI Camp Hill School for Girls in King's Heath from the age of 11 along with friends Tina O'Neill and Vickie Perks. They then went on to form the band in their later school years, alongside Jo's elder sister Maggie Dunne.

ABOVE: Jo Dunne (Centre) with Maggie Dunne (Left) and Vickie Perks (Right)

Fuzzbox had a major impact on the local, national and international music scene.

Their debut release was the EP "Rules and Regulations/XX Sex" on Birmingham based Vindaloo Records that rocketed to the top of the National Indie Charts holding an impressive nine week stint at the No. 1 spot and even knocked on the door of the UK Top 40 rocking up to a very impressive No. 41.

Further punk inspired releases followed. Their second offering coming in the form of "The Vindaloo Summer Special" featuring the works of local legends: Ted Chippington, The Nightingales in the form of "Rockin' with Rita (Head to Toe)".

Countless tours of Europe and the United States followed before the release of the band's first UK Top 40 hit, the aptly titled "Love is the Slug" that reached No. 31 and was taken from their debut LP "Bostin' Steve Austin" on the WEA/Warner Music label. This was followed by the last output from this era which was the minor hit "What's The Point" that reached No. 51.

Fuzzbox then returned to the studio to collaborate with Liam Sternberg who had previously co-written hits for the likes of The Bangles. The results were out of this world. The album "Big Bang" entered the UK album charts at No.5 and provided three further singles: "International Rescue" that reached No. 11, "Pink Sunshine" that reached No. 14, "Self" that reached No. 24 before the release of the final album cut, a take on the Yoko Ono classic "Walking on Thin Ice". They then flew off for a promotional tour of the Far East.

1990 saw the final Fuzzbozz release the aptly titled "Your Loss My Gain" that also entered the Top 100.

The band then went thir separate ways but with Jo remaining firmly settled in King's Heath for over 20 years.

Fuzzbox reformed for a national UK tour in 2010 and also played some one-off shows in 2011 as well as releasing a new re-recording of M's "Pop Muzik".

Tragically Jo began to complain of back pains in August 2012, which were not identified as cancers soon enough, and she died in October 2012 when only 43

Click on each youtube title below for some Fuzzbox video links for your entertainment and delight:

Rules and Regulations,

Rockin' with Rita (Head to Toe),

Love is the Slug,

What's the Point,

International Rescue,

Pink Sunshine,


Walking on Thin Ice,

Your Loss My Gain

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